See your event, your property or your vehicle from a new vantage point with aerial photography and video. Whether its getting that impossible photo or bringing video capability to your shoot that used to require renting a helicopter, we can help you get the shot.

High quality images

We can capture video up to 4K at 30 FPS as well as 1080p HD at up to 60 FPS. We can also take stills up to 12 Megapixels.

Salzmoto Aerial Photography

Safety first and foremost

We take the safety of shoot participants and the general public very seriously. We also don’t want to damage our equipment. When everyone is safe, everyone wins. We are registered with the AMA and strictly follow their published safety code. When the FAA rules are finalized, we’ll follow those too.

Please note: We are not currently accepting commercial work just yet, so this is still strictly a hobby pursuit. However, once we have all our FAA ducks in a row we’ll be offering commercial aerial videography and photography services. In the meantime, we’re volunteering our services for select projects.