In the beginning, I only intended to upgrade the exhaust on this 2013 Triumph Bonneville and make a few basic changes to the handlebars and mirrors. Yet before I knew it, the project evolved into something more and along the way and Salzmoto was born.

When the domino effect of changes started piling up with this motorcycle, I saw an opportunity to push it just a little bit further into something remarkable. Not simply remarkable in result, but in process. I wanted to see what I could do with just basic tools and 99% aftermarket parts. I wanted this project to inspire other garage builders to see what was possible with just a little bit of imagination and the right ingredients. As part of the up-front design process, I spent a little time in Photoshop, and this was my initial vision:


With that rendering, the #SalzmotoBonny project began. I created a parts list and started acquiring all the pieces that would go into this build. The bike debuted over on Behind The Moto, and has since been featured in numerous places.

Gallery photo credit: Juan Hernandez

Features and accolades

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You can also find photos and progress in real time over on Instagram, also using the #SalzmotoBonny hashtag.