Recently I got excited and made a thing. That thing is — a site I’d intended to create for more than a year. Riding my scooter around the Twin Cities is a big part of why I started my own blog. And as most regular readers know, I’m currently the Senior Editor at — the internet’s premier source for MINI-related news, reviews and opinion. ScooterFile hopes to take its place next to MotoringFile and BimmerFile as a place where scooter fans can come together and see what’s going on in the wide world of motor scooters. While I’d currently describe the site as in Beta form, news is already starting to stack up and we’re gaining readers every day.

What I’m most excited about of late is the addition of scooter community lynchpin Eric Almendral as Senior Editor. Eric moderates what I think are two of the most important web properties in all of online scooter culture: Modern Buddy and Modern Vespa. Nobody has their fingers on the pulse of scooter culture like Eric and ScooterFile is very fortunate to have him aboard.

So if you’re into scooters, or want to be, head on over to ScooterFile. Follow us on Twitter. Even Like us on Facebook. That’d be swell.

Nathaniel Salzman