So that’s that. I am now sans-motorcycle. A nice guy and his dad came buy this morning and nabbed my CB650. He got a good deal, and the bike went to a good home. It’s going to be his first bike that’s all his. It ought to serve him well.

Looking back, I had the bike for just about a year. I never did come to like the lack of low-end torque of the inline 4-cylinder, but overall the CB was a great way to get started in motorcycling. I took it on a couple trips, did quite a bit of commuting to the office and just fell in love with riding a proper motorcycle. My future bike will be even bigger and I’m really looking forward to it, but it’s bittersweet to let go of that old machine. I got it all shined up and ready to sell, and almost didn’t want to. Jeremy Clarkson and I agree that these machines have souls. Though we had our difficulties, I really feel like I came to bond with that old bike. It really was the perfect place to start.

So long old friend.

Nathaniel Salzman