I’ve been on vacation this week, but that hasn’t meant a lack of work to do. While there was plenty of time spent eating big meals and spending time with familiars, the bulk of my time has gone to rolling out a new version of my Scooter news blog, ScooterFile.

With lots of help from Don Burnside, ScooterFile got a new responsive theme and lots of behind-the-scenes optimizations. Part of that process included going through all of the site’s content and reformatting certain elements. What surprised me was just how much content was actually there. More than 160 stories in nine months. That averages out to a new story every couple of days. I had no idea that much content had been created! Thankfully, I haven’t done it alone. With help from contributing editor Eric Almendral and contributor Karryll Nason, ScooterFile continues to grow and deliver what I think is some of the most relevant scooter-related content on the web right now. I’m extremely proud of what the site has become content-wise, and now I can be equally proud of the site’s presentation.

So if you haven’t poked around on ScooterFile yet, I recommend doing so now. You can also “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

In addition to all the goings on at ScooterFile, I continue to handle the day-to-day content curation over at MotoringFile as Senior Editor. Yet as though that weren’t enough, I’ve also spun up comprehensive BMW Motorrad coverage over at BimmerFile. With BMW bringing two new commuter scooters to market, the synergy between ScooterFile and BimmerFile was obvious. Bottom line though, it means I’m furiously creating content in a number of areas I find very, very interesting. I’ll be attending my first official BMW Motorrad event in the coming weeks and I’m really, really looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading, wherever you happen to find my work.

Nathaniel Salzman