The “moto” in Salzmoto is my obsession with motorcycles and scooters. When I bought my first bike in 2007 an interesting thing happened. Because I’d bought it in early November (in Minnesota) there wasn’t much riding season left. So instead of riding, I parked that 1979 Vespa P200E on the tile floor just off my living room and spent the winter replacing frayed control cables, cleaning the carburetor and buffing the shine back into the paint. Once spring rolled around, I was out on the road straight away, but I’d really enjoyed working on that scooter all winter.

Since then, my relationship to bikes has had those two aspects: riding and wrenching. I love both activities separately but intensely. For any of my personal bikes, I simply can’t leave them alone. If I’m not customizing them, I’m repairing and maintaining them. My fleet also seems in constant flux. There’s often one or two bikes on their way in or out of my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are some ongoing Salzmoto projects and stories about them:
The Salzmoto Bonny
“George” my 1983 Honda GL1100
“Adeline” my 1974 Honda CB450

Otherwise, keep an eye on the Wrench Log and Ride Log for ongoing moto stories.