4/22/2009 — I’m happy to say that I’ve transitioned from being a statistic of the economic downturn to a statistic of the economic recovery — i/e it looks like I’ve got a job now. As such, a big part of my day’s focus is actually now gone. I no longer need to job hunt, which is awesome, but I won’t start until May. With most of our house packed up for an upcoming move and no useful packing left to do, I’m getting to a place where I can only play so much Xbox before I must evacuate the house for my own sanity. It’s a nice problem to have, let me tell ya. My other problem, at least today, was that I’m feeling like I’ve run out of interesting scooter routes on my end of town.

So today I just decided to wonder around. Nothing exciting. Nothing amazing. I simply meandered my way into Plymouth and wound up doing a half circle around Medicine Lake.

High points
The quiet roads around Medicine Lake. Finding that my small windscreen helps to tame my wobble.

Low points
Just feeling like I’d run out of places to go. It isn’t true, and I’m sure that feeling will pass.

Nathaniel Salzman