Digital Strategy

We help our clients figure out what to do online in the first place. It’s easy to check some of the obvious boxes like having a website and being present in places like Facebook, but then what? Which venues are the most appropriate for you and your business? How do you engage your customers there? What kinds of content should you be posting? How often? Are you leading a tribe of fans? Are people finding your content when they search the web for what you do?

There are dozens of key questions. We’ll help you find the best answers for your business.

Content Marketing

Everyone has a website, but just being online isn’t good enough anymore. There are lots of firms and practitioners out there who can, for example, create a website or set up a social media presence. We do that too. Yet after more than a decade of creating digital brands, we’ve learned that the most challenging aspect of a brand’s digital presence isn’t venue, it’s content.

Creating a website is easy. Creating engaging, high-quality content is tough. It takes time, effort and expertise. Most companies don’t know what to do, let alone how to do it.

Yet in that challenge lies opportunity. One of today’s most effective marketing strategies is creating compelling, shareable content for your company’s website and social media channels.

That’s where we come in. We create content that connects with your customers, your fans, and your community. In simplest terms, we tell stories. We connect brands with their enthusiast audience by creating the content they share with their biggest fans. When done well, it’s also content fans can then share with each other.

In terms of the types of content we create, it can be as small as a Tweet, as simple as an Instagram photo, or as big as an entire blog site. We also offer aerial photography and video services. If it can be shared online, we know how to create it.

Workshop Services

A smaller, yet potent part of Salzmoto, Inc. is the work we do in our Chicago workshop. There we create custom motorcycles, take on fun maker-type projects, and do one-on-one tutoring sessions with would-be recreational mechanics. We do this because we’re passionate about making, but also to stay grounded in the audiences we serve for our clients.