Tucked away in an industrial part of Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, the Salzmoto shop is one part maker space, one part custom motorcycle build center, one part classroom. Here our physical projects take shape as new skills are learned. The space is private, and we don’t keep regular business hours, but we use the space as often as we can.

It’s not just me though. The other half of the space is Dave Mucci, whose website Moto Mucci is one of the first custom motorcycle sites we started following years ago. His work has been a big inspiration for our own moto projects, so it’s been great to see his creations take shape on the other end of the shop. Be sure to check out his new venture, Draft Studio.

Keep an eye on the Salzmoto and Moto Mucci Facebook pages, as we do occasionally have small events at the shop. While we’re not open to the public, we do enjoy the occasional visitor, so reach out if, for example, you’re a fan visiting from out of town.