[Update: This bike has sold. Thanks for playing.]

Well, we knew this day was coming. This project is officially done, so it’s time to move on to the next chapter. This bike threw a lot of curve balls at me, but I’m definitely better off for the experience. And really, that’s what buying this bike was all about. It was an opportunity to do a friend a favor, and an opportunity to put my mechanical skills to the test. While Robb and the boys at BlueCat Motors were a huge help, looking back on this project, I touched almost every major system on the machine. Because of that, there isn’t now much on a motorcycle I’m intimidated about tackling now. And while I don’t particularly care for CB750s in general, I am grateful to this one for being a worthy teacher.

For those interested, the bike is listed on Craigslist Chicago. Ad transcript after the break:

If you are interested in this motorcycle, please send an email to the address above and include a phone number. I will call you as soon as I can. Test rides only with cash-in-hand and valid motorcycle license.

For sale is this 1981 Honda CB750 Custom motorcycle. We’ve all seen those bikes on Craigslist that “need a little mechanical TLC” or a “carb adjustment” or the very popular new battery. There are bikes that are “great for beginners” or that would make “great project bikes” for whoever might buy them.

This is not one of those bikes.

This CB750 is what you get after all that fix-up work is done. This is a bike that needed a lot of work, got all that work done for it, and is now ready to be ridden and enjoyed by someone looking for a great bike in great mechanical shape. This is not a concourse Honda in perfect cosmetic condition. It’s got the bumps, bruises and patina common to a 30-year-old motorcycle. It’s not original paint, but the paint is in pretty good shape. But it is a mechanically sound CB750 that’s just about got more new parts on it than old. There’s lots of tread left on the tires. Basically all the key systems have been overhauled, and all the key maintenance has been done.

What remains is a bike that runs, goes, stops and handles as well as many more modern sport bikes, but in a package with classic English looks. While it would make a great cafe racer or street tracker project, it’s a great looking bike as-is. It’s an everyday machine — the kind of bike you ride rather than stand around and polish. And at less than $3,000 asking price, it’s a lot of vroom for your buck. I have the title in-hand and it’s in my name. Reasonable offers will be considered. Cash only, please.

Key upgrades

  • Progressive front springs
  • Progressive Koni rear shocks
  • Down-geared sprocket and chain set (no more low-end bog common to inline fours)
  • Stebel Nautilus air horn
  • Superbike handlebars with correctly sized control cables

New parts and repair

  • New fuel tank petcock
  • Full carburetor rebuild, tune and sync — including new o-rings in the fuel passages so there are no leaks
  • New plugs
  • New fuel lines
  • New air filter
  • New battery
  • New alternator stator
  • New regulator/rectifier
  • Both front brake calipers rebuilt with lines fully flushed and bled
  • Front brake master cylinder rebuilt
  • New neutral switch
  • Broken wiring replaced/repaired so now all lights, switches and blinkers work as they should
  • Rear brake inspected and adjusted
  • Newish clutch with only a couple thousand miles on

Recent maintenance

  • Battery regularly tended
  • Valve adjustment in the autumn
  • Oil change and new filter this spring




See all the photos from this restoration over on Flickr.

Nathaniel Salzman