One of my favorite curated sites of gear-headed goodness is James McBride’s Silodrome. Described as Gasoline Culture, Silodrome is an eclectic collection of the world’s best motor-inspired things. Everything from vintage motorcycles, to classic cars, to killer tools and gear for a motor-fueled lifestyle.

Today Silodrome was kind enough to feature the #SalzmotoBonny and for those who have been following the project, this article has some choice details. In working with James to put the piece together, I wanted to share a different aspect of the project than in the bike’s world premier over at Behind The Moto. On Silodrome, they’ve shared not simply a ton of Juan Hernandez’s fantastic photos, but summarized the components involved in the build as well. As I’ve said before, a big driving force behind this project was to show what one can do with OEM and aftermarket parts, a bit of attention-to-detail, and basic tools. I’ll be telling that story in more detail here in the Wrench Log over the coming weeks, but for now, check out the editorial debut of the #SalzmotoBonny over on Silodrome.