4/11/2009 — This morning I got a fantastic invitation from two scooter buddies for a trip to Como Zoo in St. Paul and some grilln’ goodness. We set off from their place in the Linden Hills area down Minnehaha Parkway, then across the Mississippi River on the Ford Parkway bridge. The weather was positively gorgeous. Blue, sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 50s. We made our way, the three of us, up Snelling and Lexington amid relatively light traffic. I always feel rather accomplished when I’ve crossed so much of the city.

I’ve never been to the Como Zoo before, and was impressed with its indoor arboretum and zoo facilities given the free admission. Unfortunately it was packed with people and it’s still a little too cold for most of the outside habitats to have their normal residents. Even 50º is probably a little cold for a Giraffe.

We headed back for good company and great grillin’ and entertained each other with tales of dogs, work and other nerdery. Scooting back to EP, I looked down horrified to see that my petrol idiot light was burning bright orange. Time to find a station. Thankfully I didn’t run out. With just a dash of daylight left, I made a slight detour for some lakefront sunset goodness. Then home to excited dogs and Netflix in the mailbox. The Mrs is at the opera tonight, so it’s just me and the kids.

High points
Seeing just how much there really is at the Como was such a surprise. Feeling warmth and humidity in their greenhouses was a welcome change. Good company, good food, and howling with José the Chihuahua. Great stuff. Quiet time by the lake was awesome too.

Low points
Uh…nightfall? Just wish The Mrs could have come.

Nathaniel Salzman