May 2, 2009 — Today’s ride made for a long trip, but a pretty short story. The Mrs and I tooled around Eagan today, essentially riding the length of Pilot Knob Rd. It was a nice, lazy cruise on great road surfaces and just a fun amount of traffic. The only thing that would have been better would be something more curvy. Long, straight cruises like that always make me want a proper motorcycle.

High points
Gorgeous weather, good riding, and finding a nearby lake where you can rent kayaks and canoes. We also found our local Target, which is handy. this one has a sleek set of post-modern shopping carts in it. Pretty sweet. I love it when everyday things get a thoughtful refresh.

Low points
My confounded left rearview mirror stem coming loose…again. Seems no matter how hard or how often I tighten it, it finds its way loose again. Time for some thread locker.

Nathaniel Salzman