May 7, 2009 — Today was the first day this week with a scoot-worthy weather forecast. I’d been relegated to my cage since my first day at the new job on Monday, but used the car commute to scout out the best route for the 17 miles from Eagan to Eden Prairie. Riding my scooter adds 10-15 minutes to my commute depending on traffic, but at three times the gas mileage of my MINI it’s totally worth it. That and my Vespa is possibly the only thing more fun than the MINI. In a lot of ways, my Vespa Grantourismo is to motorcycles what my MINI Cooper S is to cars. Small, quick, efficient, stylish, retro-fabulous, and just not what people expect. Love it.

High points
Making it to work on time and working out what really does seem to be not only the quickest way to/from work, but a relaxed, even scenic route in places. Zipping down these side streets I really do feel like I’m getting away with something. They are my very own urban shortcut. Also, as part of work, I got to tour the Cambria quartz countertops production facility. Very cool stuff. It was like an episode of How It’s Made, but live! It’s a lot like making brownies, actually. Only instead of a tasty treat, you get ridiculously durable synthetic stone.

Low points
Feeling rushed in the morning is no fun. I need to get up and going a little earlier so that I can really enjoy the ride.

Nathaniel Salzman