We create venues for storytelling: Premium Blogs

  • WordPress installations
  • Site and domain hosting
  • Digital brand deployment across established networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

We tell stories

We create narrative content either directly for our clients, on assignment, or as spec examples to help win new work and better advise on how content gets made for our clients. Sometimes our content earns advertising or referral revenue directly.

  • Articles, essays and books
  • Courses
  • Journalism
  • Photography
  • Video

We are consultants for creators

We help them with their content strategy, business strategy, audience engagement strategy, and other matters.

A more detailed summary of our services can be found on our Services page. If you’d like us to do any of these things for you, please get in touch.

Who we serve

Our clients are typically dealerships, repair shops and other small businesses.

Salzmoto, Inc. also serves as the parent company for other enterprises, such as ScooterFile.com.

Nathaniel Salzman, Founder of Salzmoto, Inc.

About Nathaniel Salzman

Salzmoto, Inc. was founded by Nathaniel Salzman, a designer, author, journalist, maker and bike builder in Chicago. Nathaniel has nearly 15 years of professional marketing and advertising experience, as well as nearly a million words of published non-fiction.

Credits include:

Nathaniel is available for feature writing assignments, aerial photography/video, maker mentorship, commissioned builds and other fun stuff. Contact him here.