A few weeks back we were contacted by Vince Cook, who was directing a promotional video piece for Next Level Athletix, a Chicago-area youth sports program focused on training young quarterbacks. Vince wanted to include some aerial footage in his production, which we were happy to volunteer. The result is this video, and we couldn’t be more thrilled by how it turned out. In particular, watch how the aerial shots blend perfectly with the ground-based pieces. In fact, there are a handful of shots in this video that look ground-based, but came from our DJI Inspire 1. The capability of that platform continues to amaze us.

Our favorite detail is the final shot in the video. The shooting day was wrapping up and the sun was going down. We were down to the bottom end of our last battery, but we’d also gotten everything on our shot list. On a lark, I decided I’d fly the inspire through the uprights a couple times to simulate the POV of a field goal. To see that shot as the final piece of this video’s puzzle is really fun. Just goes to show, you never know where good ideas will come from.

Great footage aside, it was terrific fun to play the part of the blimp at this particular sporting event. As we were wrapping up and packing the aircraft back into its travel case, the Hendricks Gin “Flying Cucumber” blimp trundled by in the sky to the south of us on its way to Chicago for Lallapalooza. We couldn’t help but chuckle at just how much of the same capability, and more, we’d just packed up into a rolling Pelican case.